April 10, 2007 Permit Register Entries


Agency: Southwest Clean Air Agency (SWCAA)
Agency Contact: Wess Safford
Permit Type: Notice of Construction
Other Permit: SM Modification
Codes: SM - No operating permit required facility has limited its potential to emit through a "091" order
Permit Applicant: Thompson Metal Fab, Inc.
Physical Address: 3000 SE Hidden Way, Vancouver, WA
Physical Address Zip: 98661
Mail Address:  
Zip Code:  
Facility Description: Heavy steel fabrication facility. Primary emissions are from surface preparation and spray coating operations.
ACTUAL: 2005
Total Particulates TPY: 3.29
CO TPY: 1.3
NOX TPY: 5.97
SO2 TPY: 0.4
PM10 TPY: 3.29
VOCs TPY: 8.62
Other TPY: Select Pollutant
Other Pollutant TPY:  
Comment Period: 30 days from publication (scheduled for 4/11/07)
Comment Contact: Wess Safford
Public Hearing: None scheduled
Modification: Facility has requested approval for expansion of welding operations.
Date_Determination: 4/5/07
Contact: Wess Safford
Email: wess@swcleanair.org


Agency: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA)
Agency Contact: Steve Van Slyke (206) 689-4052
Permit Type: Air Operating Permit
Other Permit:  
Codes: IF - Issuance of a final permit
Permit Applicant: Brunswick Family Boat Company
Physical Address: 17825 59th Avenue NE, Arlington WA
Physical Address Zip: 98223
Mail Address: PO Box 9029, Everett WA
Zip Code: 98206
Facility Description: Boat building & repairing
ACTUAL: 2005
Total Particulates TPY:  
SO2 TPY:  
PM10 TPY:  
VOCs TPY: 88
Other TPY: Select Pollutant
Other Pollutant TPY: Total HAPS = 88
Comment Period:  
Comment Contact:  
Public Hearing:  
Date_Determination: 3/30/07
Contact: Nailah Shami (206) 689-4049
Email: nailahs@pscleanair.org