March 25, 2008 Permit Register Entries


Agency: Northwest Clean Air Agency (NWCAA)
Agency Contact: Alan T. Butler
Permit Type: Air Operating Permit
Other Permit:  
Codes: IF - Issuance of a final permit
Permit Applicant: Pacific Woodtech Corporation
Physical Address: 1850 Park Lane, Burlington, WA
Physical Address Zip: 98233
Mail Address:  
Zip Code:  
Facility Description: Pacific Woodtech Corporation (PWC) is a manufacturer of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and wood I-joists. The sawdust by-product of primary manufacturing is also sold to a wholesaler for use as fuel and animal bedding. LVL is a composite of wood veneer sheet elements with wood fiber primarily oriented along the length of the member. The veneer sheets are bonded together with structural exterior exposure adhesive. LVL applications include structural members such as headers and rim board, flanges for I-Joist and scaffold planks. Wood I-joists are structural members manufactured using sawn lumber or LVL flanges and wood structural panel webs bonded together with structural exterior exposure adhesive to form an "I" cross-sectional shape. PWC primarily uses LVL flanges, produced by PWC, and oriented strand board (OSB) web stock, produced by others, to manufacture its I-joist. Sawn lumber flanges are occasionally used and are supplied by others. I-joist applications include roof and floor systems.
ACTUAL: 2006
Total Particulates TPY: 4.45
CO TPY: 0.94
NOX TPY: 1.40
SO2 TPY: 0
PM10 TPY: 4.45
VOCs TPY: 21.28
Other TPY: Not Listed - See Box to Right
Other Pollutant TPY: Formaldehyde: 7.0 TPY
Comment Period:  
Comment Contact:  
Public Hearing:  
Date_Determination: March 17, 2008
Contact: Alan T. Butler


Agency: Southwest Clean Air Agency (SWCAA)
Agency Contact: Wess Safford
Permit Type: Air Operating Permit
Other Permit:  
Codes: AC - Receipt of a complete permit application
Permit Applicant: Clark Public Utilities - River Road Generating Plant
Physical Address: 5201 NW Lower River Road, Vancouver, WA
Physical Address Zip: 98660
Mail Address: PO Box 8900, Vancouver, WA
Zip Code: 98668
Facility Description: Combined cycle gas turbine power plant with unfired HRSG.
ACTUAL: 2006
Total Particulates TPY: 23.1
CO TPY: 6.67
NOX TPY: 54.99
SO2 TPY: 4.19
PM10 TPY: 23.1
VOCs TPY: 0.03
Other TPY: Select Pollutant
Other Pollutant TPY:  
Comment Period: None
Comment Contact: N/A
Public Hearing: None
Contact: Wess Safford