April 24, 2008 Permit Register Entries


Agency: Benton Clean Air Authority (BCAA)
Agency Contact: Robin Priddy 509-783-1304
Permit Type: Air Operating Permit
Other Permit:  
Codes: DP - Issuance of a draft permit/renewal
Permit Applicant: Agrium U. S. Inc.
Physical Address: 227515 East Bowles Road, Kennewick, WA
Physical Address Zip: 99337
Mail Address:  
Zip Code:  
Facility Description: Agrium US, Inc. manufactures nitric acid and liquid nitrogen fertilizer solutions. Nitric acid is manufactured from ammonia for direct sale and as solutions of 57% or 68% AN solution used to manufacture urea ammonium nitrate (UAN 32) and calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN-17) and ammonium n nitrate 20% (AN-20). Agrium also receives stores and transfers anhydrous ammonia and liquid fertilizer solutions, and also produces aqua ammonia by mixing anhydrous ammonia and softened water.
ACTUAL: 2006
Total Particulates TPY: 2
SO2 TPY:  
PM10 TPY: 1
Other TPY: Ammonia
Other Pollutant TPY: 330 pounds
Comment Period: April 20 to May 20, 2008
Comment Contact:  
Public Hearing: none planned at present, awaiting comments
Date_Determination: complete application on August 14, 2007
Contact: Robin Priddy
Email: rpri@bcaa.net


Agency: Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency (SRCAA)
Agency Contact: April Westby
Permit Type: Air Operating Permit
Other Permit:  
Codes: IF - Issuance of a final permit
Permit Applicant: Transcanada GTN
Physical Address: Station 6, 315 E. Babb Rd., Rosalia, WA
Physical Address Zip: 99170
Mail Address: 534 E. Spokane Falls Blvd., Suite 100, Spokane, WA
Zip Code: 99202
Facility Description: Compressor station on natural gas pipeline
ACTUAL: 2006
Total Particulates TPY: 3.6
CO TPY: 113.7
NOX TPY: 71.5
SO2 TPY: 2.0
PM10 TPY: 3.6
VOCs TPY: 7.3
Other TPY: Select Pollutant
Other Pollutant TPY:  
Comment Period:  
Comment Contact:  
Public Hearing:  
Date_Determination: 4/14/08
Contact: April Westby
Email: awestby@spokanecleanair.org