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Federal Clean Power Plan Rule

We're currently working to develop a plan to implement the EPA Clean Power Plan rule that was adopted in 2015. The rule is intended to reduce greenhouse gases, generally referred to as carbon pollution, from power plants nationwide.

Washington, and other states, are required to develop and submit a plan to EPA that illustrates how the rule will be implemented.

Current News

Recent Supreme Court ruling on the Clean Power Plan

The Supreme Court agreed, in a 5-4 vote on Feb. 9, 2016, to freeze the EPA's Clean Power Plan. The order comes in response to a request from a broad array of states, utilities and other industry groups that asked the high court to put the rule on hold while legal challenges play out in a lower court.

To ensure that our state’s interests are fully represented and that we are meeting our federal obligations Ecology intends to continue to work with the Washington power sector, and others, to design the best path forward for Washington utilities, rate payers, the public, and the environment.

We're working with stakeholders to develop our state’s Clean Power Plan. The plan lays out steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from 11 fossil fuel-fired power plants.

Join the Clean Power Plan conversation by sending us your feedback or getting involved in a public meeting.

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For more detailed information on the development of the Clean Power Plan check out our frequently asked questions.

Washington must comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan Rule. Take a closer look at the resources and documents used in our effort to draft the best possible plan for Washington.

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