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Air Quality Program

Washington’s Clean Power Plan

EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) rule establishes state-specific goals to reduce carbon pollution (CO2) from existing power plants. The goals are based on Washington’s unique mix of power sources and emissions, and can be met in several ways.

Washington’s specific CO2 emissions goals for 2030 are:

  • 983 pounds of CO2 per Megawatt hour
  • 10.7 million short tons of CO2 per year

To meet these goals we can:

  • Make fossil fuel power plants more efficient.
  • Use lower-emitting power sources.
  • Expand renewable energy generation.

Ecology is partnering with the Department of Commerce and the Utilities and Transportation Commission to develop Washington’s CPP using these goals. The CPP must show that the 11 affected power plants in Washington emit at or below the goals by 2030. If Washington does not develop its own plan, EPA will impose a plan on Washington.

The work to develop the State’s plan will be done in a phased approach. We are meeting with the public, representatives of vulnerable communities, the owners of the power plants, and the environmental community. With the information gathered at these meetings, we are evaluating approaches to develop the plan design concept. The phases below outline our process:

Phases and Timeline for Washington’s Clean Power Plan

Phase Timeframe Activities
Phase 1:
Develop design concept
Thru Spring 2017
  • Stakeholder and public meetings
  • Conduct environmental justice analysis and begin outreach to vulnerable communities
  • Modeling/analysis
  • Prepare plan design concept
Phase 2:
Prepare final plan
Thru September 2018
  • Continue stakeholder work and environmental justice engagement
  • Complete modeling/analysis
  • Develop final plan
  • Rule development
  • Public hearings
  • Submit final plan to EPA
Phase 3:
Implement plan
Years 2018-2021 Preparation for interim carbon emission limits
Phase 4:
Meet Interim Goal
Years 2022-2029 Take steps to reach carbon emission limits
Phase 5:
Meet final goal
2030 and beyond Take steps to maintain carbon emission limits

Please see our public involvement page for information on engagement opportunities. For more information, contact Joanna Ekrem, 360-407-6826.