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Air Quality Program

Permits clouds.

Permits are required for businesses that emit air pollution. A permit protects public health and the environment by requiring businesses and industry to comply with all federal and state air rules. Ecology helps companies understand air permits, including when a permit is needed, how to apply for a permit, the review process, and other requirements.

After a business receives a permit, it also needs to register to maintain compliance.


Air operating permit (AOP)

An air operating permit combines into one document all requirements for operation and procedures, applicable rules, emission standards, monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting. An air operating permit is required for major sources (like power plants, oil refineries, and industrial facilities) that emit or have the potential to emit 10 tons per year or more of hazardous air pollution or 25 tons per year or more of a combination of hazardous air pollution.

Air quality permits — overview (environmental permit handbook) external link

This is a list of air quality permits.

Burn permits

Ecology regulates all types of outdoor burning except forest burning.

General orders

A general order is issued for similar sources of air pollution, instead of a series of individual notice of construction permits.

Notice of construction permit (NOC) (new source review)

A notice of construction permit is required before installing a new source of air pollution or modifying an existing source of air pollution.

Prevention of significant deterioration permit (PSD)

A prevention of significant deterioration permit applies to new large facilities or major changes at existing large facilities that could increase air pollution in an area that meets air quality standards. The intent is to prevent that area’s air quality from getting worse.

Registration program (what you do yearly after you get a permit)

The registration program applies after a business or industry receives a permit. They pay a yearly fee for the amount of air pollution listed in their permit.


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