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Air Quality Program

Data Centers and Air Quality

Dell Data Center

Data centers, also called server farms, house the servers that manage email and instant messages, store data, and run computer applications. Grant County has become a popular location for data centers because of its dependable and economical electric supply. The region has a 99.9 percent yearly power reliability rate which is crucial to technology systems management and appealing to data center businesses.

Each data center is equipped with multiple diesel-powered backup generators. Because diesel exhaust is a toxic air pollutant (containing nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, organic compounds, and other small particles), Ecology must review air permits before construction. The required air permit is called a Notice of Construction permit. The application must:

  • list all air emissions from the project,
  • identify the applicable federal air regulations,
  • describe their emission control technology,
  • confirm that air emissions will still meet air quality standards.

If emissions exceed air quality standards, a health impact assessment must also be conducted to make sure there is minimal health risk.

A sales tax exemption incentive is available to owners and tenants of eligible data centers (at least 100,000 square feet) in rural counties. A data center must have a building permit to construct, remodel, or expand the center issued between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2025.

For more tax information, read the Department of Revenue's Tax Incentives Overview fact sheet.

Public comment on data center permits

Yahoo! Data Center in Quincy requests administrative changes to its current air permit. The amended permit includes revisions to installation scheduling, updates to the facility name, and minor corrections for consistency with the original December 23, 2015 application.

Comments are being accepted August 8, 2017 — September 8, 2017. Comments and questions on the draft permit may be submitted online, emailed or mailed to Kari Johnson (Department of Ecology, Air Quality Program, 4601 North Monroe Street, Spokane, WA  99205).

Documents for public review and comment:
These documents may also be viewed at Quincy City Hall (115 1st Avenue SW) or Quincy Library (208 Central Avenue South).

General information about air quality and data centers

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