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Air Quality Program

Air Quality Rules and Laws

Federal, state, and local agencies write rules to implement laws related to air quality. The purpose of these rules and laws is to ensure our air is healthy and safe for people and the environment.

In Washington, Ecology is responsible for developing most statewide air quality rules. Local clean air agencies may develop rules for their jurisdictions. Local rules cannot be less strict than state rules, and neither can be less strict than federal rules.


Current air quality rule making activities

State air quality rules

Ecology adopts rules to implement state and federal laws. Rules are found in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). The air quality rules are Chapters 173-400 through 173-495 WAC.

State air quality laws

When the Governor signs a bill passed by the legislature, it becomes law. Laws can also be passed through the initiative process. The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) contains all Washington State laws. The air quality laws are:

Developing air quality rules

The Air Quality Program’s Rules and Planning Unit develops rules and policies to implement state and federal laws. The rule making process includes:

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