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Rule Making

Chapter 173-455 WAC
Air Quality Fee Rule

Chapter 173-400 WAC
General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources

Overview of Rulemaking

Ecology is amending two rules:

  • Chapter 173-455 WAC, Air Quality Fee Rule – includes most of the air quality related fees into one chapter. This chapter allows the regulated community easier access to applicable fees.
  • Chapter 173-400 WAC, General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources – establishes the regulatory framework to ensure that healthy air quality exists in Washington, including meeting federal air quality standards.

Scope of rule development:

Ecology is proposing to amend Chapters 173-455 and 173-400 WAC to:

  • Better align fees with costs of the air quality source registration program.
  • Revise the fee process to create a fairer distribution of fees across all registered sources.
  • Ensure alignment between Chapters 173-400 WAC and 173-455 WAC.
  • Match hourly rate charge in WAC 173-455-050 and -130 with current Ecology billing rates.
  • Identify, and where appropriate make, needed edits in Chapters 173-455 and 173-400 WAC to increase clarity and readability.

Why it matters:

  • Existing registration program fees fund approximately 45 percent of the estimated cost of operating the program. The rulemaking would better align fees with costs.
  • The current fee process for the registration program does not equitably distribute fees across all registered sources. This rulemaking would increase fairness.


Ecology’s process for developing a rule includes gathering input from affected stakeholders and the public, and following the steps for rule adoption.



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