freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

Deschutes River Temperature Monitoring

Continuous Temperature Monitoring for the Deschutes Basin

13A060 - Deschutes R @ E St Bridge is a Continuous Temperature monitoring station, usually operating between June and September.

Aerial Temperature Survey from August 19, 2003

The longitudinal profiles of temperature from the thermal imaging survey are available in Excel spreadsheets and Arcview shapefiles:

Deschutes profiles in Excel

Deschutes profiles in Arcview Shapefiles

The images are available through the links below in [color], [thermal IR], or [both] images side-by-side at any location along the river. You may also scroll through the images with buttons and links above the photos.

RM 0.00 Capitol Lake/Interstate Bridge file0027 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 0.10 Off-Channel (LB) file0036 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 0.16 Off-Channel Surface Water (RB) file0038 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 0.40 Side Channel (LB) file0046 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 0.65 Tumwater Falls file0057 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 2.68 Side Channel (RB) file0154 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 3.13 Spring/Seep (LB) file0178 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 3.20 Unnamed Tributary (RB) file0182 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 3.51 Side Channel (LB) file0198 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 4.03 Warm Off Channel Surface Water (RB) file0218 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 4.69 Off-Channel (RB) file0250 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 5.03 Apparent Spring (LB) file0264 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 5.07 Off-Channel (RB) file0266 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 5.11 Log jam file0268 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 6.02 Side Channel (RB) file0327 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 6.11 Warm Side Channel (LB) file0332 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 6.49 Warm Off-Channel (LB) file0345 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 7.28 Warm Off-Channel (RB) file0383 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 8.45 Cool Shadows (LB) file0440 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 10.03 Spring/Seep (LB) file0524 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 10.30 Warm Side Channel (LB) file0534 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 11.08 Cool Region (LB) shadows file0566 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 12.78 Apparent Cool Source (LB) shadows file0686 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 13.27 Cooler Off Channel (LB) file0707 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 13.31 Cool Region (LB) file0709 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 14.49 Cool Region (LB) shadows file0753 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 16.41 Silver Springs Inlet (RB) file0841 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 17.89 Unnamed Tributary (LB) file0903 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 18.63 Warm Region (RB) file0935 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 20.00 Spring Inlet (RB) file1000 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 21.48 Warm Off-Channel (RB) file1064 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 21.88 Apparent cool water seeps (LB) file1080 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 21.93 Apparent Spring (LB) file1083 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 22.24 Warm Backwater (LB) file1094 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 24.38 Spring (LB) file1193 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 24.67 Reichel Creek (LB) file1206 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 25.82 Cool Area (RB) shadows file1269 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 28.01 Lake Lawrence Outlet (RB) file1379 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 28.80 Apparent Spring along (LB) shadows file1409 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 29.39 Warm Off-Channel (RB) file1433 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 29.89 Cooler Side Channel (LB) file1454 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 30.09 Downstream of Pipeline Creek file1462 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 32.26 Warm Region (RB) file1562 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 32.95 Cool Channel (LB) file1595 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 33.00 Cool Region (RB) file1597 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 33.72 Spring (LB) file1626 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 33.93 Off-Channel (RB) file1633 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 34.09 Apparent Cool Seep (LB) file1639 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 34.36 Side Channel (LB) file1706 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 34.76 Fall Creek (LB) file1720 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 34.87 Unnamed Tributary (LB) file1723 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 35.51 Side Channel (LB) file1804 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 36.52 Spring/Seep (RB) file1852 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 36.66 Cool Region (LB) file1856 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 37.29 Cool Region (LB) file1884 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 37.46 Cool Region (LB) file1894 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 37.67 Spring/Seep (RB) file1900 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 37.79 Mitchell Creek (LB) file1906 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 38.39 Spring (LB) file1939 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 38.47 Spring (RB) file1943 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 38.75 Johnson Creek (LB) file1958 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 38.77 Apparent Cool Seep (LB) file1959 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 39.06 Thurston Creek (LB) file1977 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 39.80 Side Channel (RB) file2013 [color] [thermal IR] [both]
RM 39.99 Side Channel (RB) file2019 [color] [thermal IR] [both]

This thermal infrared (TIR) survey was conducted by Watershed Sciences for the Washington State Department of Ecology. For more information about the TIR survey, contact Mindy Roberts.