BEACH Program

Keeping Washington beaches healthy—we're all in this together!

The Washington BEACH Program is led jointly by the Washington State Departments of Ecology and Health, and consists of county and local agencies, tribal nations, and volunteers.

The mission of the BEACH Program is to reduce the risk of disease for people who play in saltwater by:

  • Monitoring bacteria levels at popular, high risk beaches.
  • Notifying users when bacteria results are high or when a known pollution event, such as a sewage spill, has occurred.
  • Educating the public about the risks associated with polluted water and what each of us can do to reduce that risk.



The BEACH Program monitors marine beaches from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 


Quality Assurance Project Plan: BEACH Program: Monitoring WA State Marine Beaches


EAP092 - SOP for BEACH Program Bacteria Sampling (PDF)


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