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BEACH Monitoring Program

This page has information on the Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication, and Health (BEACH) Program for water-quality samplers. It includes procedures and information. Thank you, samplers.

We monitor beaches weekly from Memorial Day to Labor Day, collecting three samples across the beach at knee depth using sterile techniques. We take an average of the three samples because, due to the nature of bacteria, results are highly variable, and we want to ensure that we are accurately representing the actual risk at the beach. The samples are then delivered to a state-accredited laboratory for analysis. Depending on the method used, the results are available within 24-36 hours. More details are in the documents below.

Julianne Ruffner samples water at Rustun Way Pier in Tacoma

EAP092 - Standard Operating Procedures for BEACH Program Bacteria Sampling (PDF) gives step-by-step details of sampling methods.

Quality Assurance Project Plan: BEACH Program: Monitoring Washington State Marine Beaches is the project plan for the BEACH program.

The procedure for closing a swimming beach is mapped out in the Notification Flowchart. Click the link or the icon below to expand the flowchart.

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