Date: 15 April 2010
Description: Calibration #2
Location: Operations Center
Samplers: Brandon Sackmann (ECY)
Chris Moore (ECY)
Ref. Spectrum: SUNA044_2009_08_19_FACTORY_CAL.txt (Pre)
SUNA044_2009_08_19_FACTORY_CAL.txt (Post)
Lamp Time: 140 hr (86% remaining)
Units: mg/L
Laboratory: Manchester Environmental Laboratory (MEL)
Notes: Ultra-clean de-ionized water (DIW); SUNA-Nitrate values between +/-0.028 mg/L indicate the instrument response has not drifted. MEL results are to be used as a filter blank to ensure that samples are not being contaminated by the filtering apparatus.

SUNA Avg. Nitrate and %RSD are calculated from 50 discrete scans (i.e., n = 50).

U1-3 correspond to Nitrate, Nitrite, and Nitrite+Nitrate, respectively; indicates that the analyte was not detected at or above the reported result.