freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

River and Stream Flow Monitoring

We measure how much water flows through rivers and streams

The Department of Ecology’s Environmental Assessment Program maintains a network of stream gaging stations that produce near real-time streamflow data for rivers and streams across the state. Data are used for everything from weekend boating plans to flood warnings and climate-change strategies.

All of the data we collect are available to view and download.

How are Washington rivers and streams doing right now?

Check out our new Statewide Stream Summary Map to see nearly real-time summaries of streamflow around the state. Color-coded dots can show you if your stream is high or dry.

Click the link above or on the picture to the right to go the map. Scroll through the legend on the right side of the map to learn more.

Description: Statewide Streamflow Summary Map has more details about the map, as well.

Find river and stream data

Click the map below to find current and archival streamflow data collected by Ecology's Environmental Assessment Program.

To view or download data, click the map below, or choose by watershed/ WRIA.

Using River and Stream Flow Data offers a step-by-step explanation on how to find a stream station and read data to understand how much water is in your river or stream.
Show stations by watershed/ WRIA (Water Resource Inventory Area).
Choose from the list below:
See Select a Washington Watershed by Zip Code to learn your WRIA number.

Current data are shown at active monitoring stations. Historical data are shown at stations where monitoring has been discontinued, due to project duration or budget reduction. Rain gauge data come from the cooperative rain gage network.

Learn about streamflow monitoring methods

Streamflow Methods describes how Ecology hydrologists measure how much water is flowing through Washington rivers and streams.

Contact the Stream Hydrology Team.

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