freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

Rivers and Streams

Continuous Monitoring

River and Stream Flow Monitoring describes our streamflow monitoring program, discusses the methods, and offers nearly real-time streamflow and water-quality information through the Flow Monitoring Network application.

Howard Christensen records observationsSeasonal Continuous Temperature Monitoring covers 53 stations across the state and 108 stations monitored on a five-year rotation.

Long Term Monitoring

River and Stream Water Quality Monitoring discusses the long-term ambient monitoring program and links to data and publications.

Statewide Water Quality Monitoring Network uses a map interface to present data from 67 water-quality monitoring stations. Seventeen stations have been monitored continuously since 1988.

Watershed Health Monitoring is a statistically driven monitoring effort designed to offer a picture of water quality on a region-by-region basis.

Stream Biological Monitoring samples for tiny animals (benthic invertebrates) in river bottoms to assess stream health.


Lake Water Quality contains links to lake information. Ecology monitored lakes for water quality from 1989 to 1999, but funding for the work was discontinued in 2000. Some few lakes are still monitored for toxic metals and other chemicals. Look up a Lake in the Coastal Atlas for data from all of these studies and more.

Aquatic Plant Monitoring The Environmental Assessment Program has been monitoring aquatic plant communities since 1991.

Freshwater Monitoring Projects and Studies

Water Quality Improvement (TMDL) Project Studies provide support for the TMDL process to clean Washington's waterways.

The Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program samples fish and water across Washington to characterize levels of toxic contaminants and determine changes in levels over time. This project supports a range of agency activities, such as water-cleanup plans, by monitoring a broad range of toxic substances.

Intensively Monitored Watersheds for Salmon Restoration is a project to monitor the effectiveness of salmon-habitat restoration projects.

Forest Practices Effectiveness Monitoring assesses water quality and habitat preservation in forest harvesting.