Groundwater Assessment

Groundwater Assessment

Active groundwater studies

Active Groundwater Studies describes the Environmental Assessment Program's current groundwater-focused projects.

Groundwater sampling

Groundwater data

The Groundwater Data Center is part of Ecology's Environmental Information Management system. It contains groundwater information and monitoring data collected by Ecology and affiliates like local governments and cleanup-site managers.

Groundwater publications

Groundwater Publications gives instructions for how to search and download documents from our state groundwater report collection.

Environmental Assessment Program Standard Operating Procedures for Groundwater Monitoring describe the field methods we use during our groundwater studies.

Groundwater technical resources

Groundwater Information Resources is a page with links to publications and resources related to groundwater and hydrogeology in Washington State.

General groundwater information

Groundwater Portal provides access to groundwater information from throughout the agency, including laws, rules, and policies.


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Groundwater News

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Recent Studies
and Publications

Manure and Groundwater Quality: Literature Review

POSTER: Evaluation of field N budgets and soil nitrate as indicators of N leaching to groundwater in a Pacific Northwest U.S. dairy grass field

Yakima Railroad Area PCE Contamination: Groundwater Quality Performance Monitoring, Data Summary 2014-2015