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Groundwater Assessment

Statewide Water Level Data Compilation

Water-level-monitoring data collected over the past 30+ years by the regional offices of Ecology's Water Resources Program are stored and managed in separate regional databases. This project is to consolidate these independent data sets in the Ecology Environmental Information Management (or EIM) system.

Project tasks will include:

  1. Evaluate regional data sets for completeness
  2. Work with regional staff to assemble missing metadata where available
  3. Update datums/elevations to conform with Ecology NGVD88 standard
  4. Upload data to the EIM system
  5. Perform a QA review of the uploaded data

The project will focus on consolidating manual measurements of water level; continuous transducer data will be addressed in a future effort.

For more information:

Kirk Sinclair, kirk.sinclair@ecy.wa.gov, (360) 407-6557