Groundwater Assessment

Lower White River pH TMDL Groundwater Support

The Lower White River between the cities of Buckley and Auburn in Pierce County has periodically exceeded Washington's upper surface-water criterion for pH (8.5). These pH excursions are thought to result from excess nutrient inputs to river.

To address the river’s pH problems, Ecology conducted a series of field surveys between July 2011 and December 2012 to evaluate water-quality conditions within the river. This effort will ultimately lead to the development of a numerical water-quality model that Ecology staff will use to prepare a formal cleanup plan for the river. This study will evaluate the thermal and water-quality influences that groundwater imparts to gaining reaches of the river.

Environmental Information Management database Study ID: GPEL0010

See the project plan below for additional details about the study design and timeline.


Lower White River pH Water Quality Study Design (Quality Assurance Project Plan) describes the study design.

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Kirk Sinclair, kirk.sinclair@ecy.wa.gov, (360) 407-6557