Groundwater Assessment in Washington State

Welcome to the groundwater assessment website! The Environmental Assessment Program maintains a staff of groundwater scientists who conduct technical studies across a broad spectrum of groundwater-related issues*. Current staff members on the groundwater team include:

*Within Ecology, most groundwater field assessment and research is conducted by the Environmental Assessment Program. For information on Ecology policies and regulations related to groundwater, see Water Quality Program’s Groundwater information page and Water Resources Program page. For additional information regarding cleanup and regulation of groundwater at specific facilities, see the web sites for the Toxics Cleanup Program, the Hazardous Waste Program, the Nuclear Waste Program Groundwater Page, and the Waste 2 Resources (Solid Waste) Program.

Contents of This Website

Ecology Groundwater Assessment Studies

Descriptions and contact information for groundwater studies currently underway in the Environmental Assessment Program, as well as a comprehensive map showing completed studies and links to available on-line reports.

Links to Information on Groundwater in Washington State

Stumped about where to find information about groundwater in your area?  We’ve compiled sources of information that we often head to when conducting one of our studies.

Environmental Assessment Program Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Groundwater Monitoring

Documentation describing the standardized field methods we use during our groundwater studies.  The link above will take you to the Ecology's Quality Assurance web page; once there look for the section titled "Groundwater Monitoring SOPs".

Groundwater Data

Ecology's Environmental Information Management (EIM) system has a new Groundwater Data Center that allows users to search for groundwater information stored in the EIM system.

New Items of Note, Current Events & Announcements

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