Groundwater Assessment

Groundwater Information Resources

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Locally Based Groundwater Resources offers local information on groundwater resources.

Department of Ecology - education, data, wells, and maps

Groundwater is an Ecology portal page with a directory of agency resources related to groundwater, including links to laws and rules.

The Groundwater Data Center is part of Ecology's Environmental Information Management System (EIM) and contains data from groundwater studies.

Well Log Search is an Ecology database of all records about wells on file with the state.

Ecology GIS Data Website offers access to a Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial dataset of Washington's wells.

Drinking Water - Department of Health

The Drinking Water Program at Washington State Department of Health oversees water quality in public water-supply systems in the state that derive their water from groundwater wells.

Drinking Water System Data at the Department of Health has basic data about public water systems, such as its address, population, connections, and source information.

Geology - Department of Natural Resources

Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources (WDGER) Geologic Information Portal at the Department of Natural Resources provides geological maps, data, and related information through the internet using interactive geographic information system technology.

WDGER Publications | Digital Bibliography of geologic reports | Geologic Map Index and subsurface information

Geology - U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - Water Resources of Washington State is a page about the many groundwater investigations USGS conducts across Washington.

USGS online bibliography search offers search for reports on Washington state.

USGS Water Science Center Projects and Studies offers a report search by project topic, project location, or by visiting page.

USGS NWISWeb Data for Washington contains high-quality historic data for groundwater in Washington at the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Water Information System website.

Professional education

Washington State Department of Licensing Geologist/Hydrogeologist Licensing Program informs about the state licensing program for hydrogeologists or engineers who work with groundwater, including requirements and exemptions.

Online Abstracts from the Biennial Symposium on the Hydrogeology of Washington State - 1995-2015 offers abstracts from posters and talks are currently available online as PDF files for Symposia 1 through 10.

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