Groundwater Assessment

Active Groundwater Studies

The Environmental Assessment Program conducts groundwater studies for long- and short-term projects. See the map or list below for studies now underway.


The studies below are divided into several topic areas. Click to scroll:
Toxics in Groundwater | Groundwater Quality | Groundwater Resources | Climate and Groundwater | Groundwater-Surface Interaction | Hanford Groundwater

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Toxics in Groundwater Studies


Black Lake Grocery Groundwater Monitoring provides groundwater data so that the Toxic Cleanup Program may evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment wall in remediating petroleum-contaminated groundwater before it enters Black Lake.


Ione Airport Kwik Stop Groundwater Monitoring - on the northwest corner of intersection of State Route 31 and Greenhouse and Dewitt Roads, south of Ione, Washington.


Lakewood Plaza Cleaners' groundwater is monitored for compliance for volatile organic compounds on behalf of the Toxics Cleanup Program.


Shelton Laundry and Cleaners Groundwater Monitoring measures for volatile organic compounds (VOC) from five monitoring wells.


Yakima Railroad Area Groundwater Performance Monitoring studies approximately six square miles of predominantly industrial and commercial property adjacent to the railroad corridor in the cities of Yakima and Union Gap to detect tetrachloroethene-contaminated soils and groundwater.

Groundwater Quality Studies


Crab Creek Alternate Water Supply Route Study is a study to collect baseline data for local groundwater prior to the introduction of supply water. Once the supply water is released, continued monitoring will assess the impact of the supply water on local groundwater.


Edison Large On-Site Sewage System Groundwater Assessment provides an evaluation of the groundwater flow system and groundwater impacts of Edison's Large Onsite Sewage System to meet the requirements of the groundwater standards and the facility state waste discharge permit.


Literature Review: Manure and Groundwater Quality reviews current scientific information on manure management and will present strategies for measuring the effectiveness of these management practices.


Lower Yakima Valley Groundwater Management Area Technical Support provides groundwater technical support in relation to Groundwater Management Area activities in the Lower Yakima Valley.


Sumas Blaine Surficial Aquifer Long-term Ambient Groundwater Monitoring samples thirty-five wells annually for nitrate, chloride, and bromide.

Water Quality Program Data Management Project is to build a digital link between Ecology's Environmental Information Management System (EIM) and the Water Quality Program's PARIS/WebDMR data system. Information about groundwater monitoring wells installed at facilities operating under a Water Quality Program permit will be loaded into EIM.

Groundwater Resources

Statewide water level data compilation is a project is to consolidate several independent groundwater data sets in the Ecology Environmental Information Management (EIM) system.

Climate and Groundwater

Climate Change Impact on Washington Groundwater Resources - A Literature Review a literature review to assemble and synthesize current research on how state groundwater resources are likely to be impacted by changes in climate.

Groundwater-Surface Interaction Studies


Inland Empire Paper Company Nutrients and Common Ions Source Water Study is characterizing surface water and groundwater interactions in the Spokane River along Inland Empire Paper's property.


Lower White River pH TMDL Groundwater Support is a study will evaluate the thermal and water quality influences that discharging groundwater imparts to gaining reaches of the river.


Stillaguamish River TMDL Groundwater Support is a study to understand the relative contribution of groundwater to the water and nutrient budgets to the Stillaguamish River for the 5-mile stretch of the river between the City of Arlington and the I-5 bridge during the critical low-flow period.


Wide Hollow TMDL Groundwater Support Wide Hollow Creek is a salmon stream that does not meet standards for temperature, dissolved oxygen, or pH. This study to evaluate the thermal and water quality influences that discharging groundwater imparts to gaining reaches of the creek.

Hanford Groundwater


DOE Hanford Facility - Groundwater Technical Support provides technical support to the Ecology Nuclear Waste Program each year on groundwater contamination issues at the US Department of Energy's Hanford facility.


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