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Laboratory Accreditation

Requirements of Proficiency Testing Providers

In service to our clients, the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Lab Accreditation Unit strives to make the lab-accreditation-review process efficient, accurate, and timely. To do so, we require electronic data deliverable (EDD) files for each proficiency testing study report for which we receive a Portable Document File (PDF).

In summary, in order to be recognized by the Lab Accreditation Unit, Proficiency Testing Providers must:

  • Comply with the most current TNI Proficiency Testing standard (pdf).
  • Assure EDDs and PDFs are submitted electronically to Lab Accreditation Unit within one month after the close of a Proficiency Testing Study.
  • Comply with Washington state's EDD formatting requirements based on the criteria and file structures commonly used for comma delimited text files:
    • data.txt
    • summary.txt
    • final.txt

Contact the Lab Accreditation Unit for field descriptions and characteristics for each study type file set.

Proficiency testing sample providers lists all current providers of proficiency tests.