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Bench Sheets and Control Charts for Labs

using Excel Spreadsheets

Bench Sheet Templates

These downloadable bench-sheet templates are available as a service to labs in the interest of quality data collection. Customize, if needed. Print off the blank worksheet to copy values, then open up the spreadsheet to enter them. Bench sheets are available for several analysis methods.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) - Bottle Method Bench Sheet Template

pH Bench Sheet Template for Standard Method 4500 H+B pH analysis

Fecal Coliform Bench Sheet Template for FC Standard Method 9222D analysis

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Bench Sheet Template

Control Charts

Control charting is a way to visually track performance to determine when a procedure is not meeting data-quality objectives. Control charts indicate when a procedure is headed out of control, so the analyst can pause, eliminate the source of the problem, and prevent the out-of-control situation. The spreadsheet files automate the construction and use of these charts.

Guidance and troubleshooting for Glucose/Glutamic Acid and commercial seed used for the BOD test

Click to download worksheet:
Troubleshooting chart for Glucose/Glutamic Acid and commercial seed used for the BOD test

Control Charts for Labs (.xlsx) is a downloadable spreadsheet tool with templates and instructions for both a standard-solution control test and one that uses duplicate solutions.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Carbonaceous BOD (CBOD), an Ecology publication, has a good explanation and example of the use of control charting in Appendix E, Water and Wastewater (pdf).

Other Tools

Standard Method 5210-B BOD Quality Control Troubleshooting Worksheet offers guidance for Standard Method 5210-B, five-day BOD analysis. Includes troubleshooting chart and key.

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