Crawfish Lake is located 15 miles northeast of Omak, and 8.5 miles north of Disautel. It drains intermittently to the east to Lost Creek and the West Fork of the Sanpoil River. The north half of the lake is on USFS land, and the south half is on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Size (acres)                          80
Maximum Depth (feet)                  36
Mean Depth (feet)                      0
Lake Volume (acre-feet)                0
Drainage Area (square miles)    N/A     
Altitude (feet)                     4475
Shoreline Length (miles)             0.0

Contour Map

Source of morphometric data: Water Supply Bulletins 42, 43, and 57.

VOLUNTEER-COLLECTED SECCHI DATA ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date Temperature Water %Cloud Recent Secchi Lake (Y/M/D) (C) (F) pH Color Cover Rain Wind (ft) Ht(in) Abbrev. Comments ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STATION 1 97/07/03 16.4 61.5 Lt Brown 50 None Breezy 14.3 0.0 INITIAL OBSERVATION 97/07/15 17.8 64.0 Lt Brown 100 Trace Light 15.6 0.0 97/07/28 15.3 59.5 Lt Brown 0 None Calm 18.3 0.0 97/08/17 20.6 69.1 Lt Brown 25 None Light 16.0 -9.0 SUN BEHIND CLOUD. 97/08/31 17.2 63.0 Lt Brown 10 None Light 16.4 -9.5 SUSPENDED PARTICLES OF VEGETATION. 97/09/16 14.4 57.9 Lt Brown 100 Mod Strong 14.5 -10.3 97/09/30 14.4 57.9 Lt Brown 100 None Light 14.3 -10.0 97/10/22 8.9 48.0 Lt Brown 50 None Light 11.7 120.0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
LABORATORY RESULTS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Total Fecal Col. Bacteria Turb- Suspended Solids Phosphorus Nitrogen Chlorophyll (colonies/100 mL) idity Total Non-Volatile Color Date Strata (ug/L) (mg/L) (ug/L) Site 1 Site 2 (NTU) (mg/L) (mg/L) (Pt-Co) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STATION 1 97/08/17 E 8 0.32 2.2 97/08/17 H 11 0.30 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E=epilimnion composite, H=hypolimnion composite. Remarks codes: U = Below detection limits; J = Estimate.
SUMMARY OF VOLUNTEER SURVEY WATER QUALITY----------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall water quality was excellent. No specific problems were listed. Were there days (and how many) when poor water quality impaired Fishing - NO(0) Swimming - NO(0) Aesthetics - NO(0) MANAGEMENT-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did the lake receive chemical treatments this year? NO Were fish stocked this year? YES Any lake groups present (such as a lake association)? YES Any lake management activities this year? NO OTHER------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many homes/new homes are there on the lake shore? 42 Changes since last year? FEWER VISITS SINCE OUBOARD MOTORS WERE BANNED Lake Uses and Facilities at the lake include: swimming fishing camping The percent of the lakeshore that is sewered: 50 The number of storm drains leading to the lake: 0 Motor boat restrictions include: no motors allowed.
FIELD OBSERVATIONS OF ECOLOGY STAFF No spring sampling visit. Volunteer reports ice-out as 13 May, later than usual; fewer weeds than usual this year (aquatic plants are generally sparse); 17 new septic systems replaced old ones since 1993. Motors have been prohibited since 1996 for fishing.
TROPHIC STATUS Estimated Trophic State: Oligotrophic Mean Trophic State Index (Secchi): 38 (Oligo-mesotrophic) Mean Trophic State Index (Total Phosphorus): 34 (Oligotrophic) Mean Trophic State Index (Chlorophyll a): 38 (Oligo-mesotrophic)
SUMMARY AND EXPLANATION OF TROPHIC STATE ASSESSMENT All indicators suggest an oligotrophic assessment for Crawfish Lake.
COMMENTS FROM 96/08/28 AQUATIC PLANT SURVEY cloudy, breeze. Much downed wood, large littoral zone, tho' plants only patchy, lots of bare sediment. Many ducks Maximum depth of plant growth: 3.0M.
AQUATIC PLANT LIST (This list may be from multiple years and sources.)Carex sp. (sedge) Chara sp. (muskwort) Eleocharis sp. (spike-rush) Nitella sp. (stonewort) Potamogeton gramineus (grass-leaved pondweed) Potamogeton richardsonii (Richardson's pondweed) Potamogeton sp (thin leaved) or Heteranthera dubia (thin leaved pondweed-like) Potentilla palustris (purple (marsh) cinquefoil)

Data collected and provided by Washington Department of Ecology's Lake Monitoring Program (Maggie Bell-McKinnon, phone 360-407-6124).

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