Size (acres)                          69
Maximum Depth (feet)                  31
Mean Depth (feet)                     18
Lake Volume (acre-feet)             1242
Drainage Area (square miles)        1.13
Altitude (feet)                      366
Shoreline Length (miles)             2.2

Contour Map

Source of morphometric data: Water Supply Bulletins 42, 43, and 57.

VOLUNTEER-COLLECTED SECCHI DATA ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date Temperature Water %Cloud Recent Secchi Lake (Y/M/D) (C) (F) pH Color Cover Rain Wind (ft) Ht(in) Abbrev. Comments ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STATION 1 97/06/20 19.0 66.2 Lt Green 75 Mod Light 20.5 372.0 97/07/04 21.0 69.8 Lt Green 25 None Calm 20.5 -2.0 97/07/18 21.0 69.8 Lt Green 90 None Calm 19.5 -1.0 97/08/01 22.0 71.6 25 None 27.0 366.0 FLOATING MOSS. 97/08/15 18.0 64.4 Lt Green 5 Calm 22.3 0.0 97/08/29 23.0 73.4 Lt Green 0 Mod Calm 23.5 0.0 97/09/12 20.0 68.0 Lt Green 75 Mod Strong 22.5 -6.0 97/09/16 Lt Green 100 Heavy Breezy 17.0 0.0 97/09/24 -7.2 19.0 Lt Green 10 None Calm 20.5 -4.0 97/10/11 10.0 50.0 Lt Green 10 Mod Breezy 18.3 1.0 WINDY ROUGH WATER. 97/10/24 19.0 66.2 Lt Green 25 None Calm 19.5 354.0 DRIFTING MARR-LIKE VEGETATION. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
LABORATORY RESULTS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Total Fecal Col. Bacteria Turb- Suspended Solids Phosphorus Nitrogen Chlorophyll (colonies/100 mL) idity Total Non-Volatile Color Date Strata (ug/L) (mg/L) (ug/L) Site 1 Site 2 (NTU) (mg/L) (mg/L) (Pt-Co) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STATION 1 97/06/05 E 4 2 1U 97/06/05 H 9 97/09/16 E 6 0.16 10.0 11 STATION 1 97/09/16 E 9 STATION 1 97/09/16 E 14 STATION 1 97/09/16 E 17 STATION 2 97/09/16 E 3 STATION 2 97/09/16 E 9 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E=epilimnion composite, H=hypolimnion composite. Remarks codes: U = Below detection limits; J = Estimate.
SUMMARY OF VOLUNTEER SURVEY WATER QUALITY----------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall water quality was excellent. The worst problems were reported as: 1. excessive aquatic plants 2. poor aesthetics 3. algae Sources of actual or potential problems includes: CONTINUED INCREASE IN SHORLINE CONSTRUCTION & REMOVAL OF VEGETATION. Were there days (and how many) when poor water quality impaired Fishing - NO(0) Swimming - NO(0) Aesthetics - YES(35) MANAGEMENT-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did the lake receive chemical treatments this year? NO Were fish stocked this year? YES Any lake groups present (such as a lake association)? YES Any lake management activities this year? NO OTHER------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many homes/new homes are there on the lake shore?~ 156 Changes since last year? iNCREASE IN THE CLEARING OF TREES & GROUND COVER
TROPHIC STATUS Estimated Trophic State: Oligo-mesotrophic Mean Trophic State Index (Secchi): 33 (Oligotrophic) Mean Trophic State Index (Total Phosphorus): 29 (Oligotrophic) Mean Trophic State Index (Chlorophyll a): 53 (Eutrophic)
SUMMARY AND EXPLANATION OF TROPHIC STATE ASSESSMENT Haven Lake is a very clean and clear lake nestled in Mason County adjacent to Wooten Lake, another clean lake. Haven Lake receives overfill water from Wooten Lake. Haven Lake appears to be richer in aquatic macrophytes compared to Wooten Lake. TSI values for Secchi and phosphorus are indicative of an oligo-trophic lake but the abundant macrophyte growth and the elevated chlorophyll concentrations are more characteristic of a productive lake, therefore, Haven Lake is assessed as oligo-mesotrophic. Hypolimnetic DO concentrations also support this assessment.
COMMENTS FROM 98/06/08 AQUATIC PLANT SURVEY Met with lake resident Neil Wissing. Most of shoreline with shrubs and trees, developed but youses mostly set in trees with docks. Bullfrog tadpoles, long gray ropey amphibian eggs, big fish and many small ones, 1 turtle on a log, rough -skin newts.. Many water intakes in the lake. Did not see any plants of concern, many areas with bare sediment. Big 'pillows' on algae on the bottom at the south end. Maximum depth of plant growth: 3.5M.
AQUATIC PLANT LIST (This list may be from multiple years and sources.)Carex obnupta (slough sedge) Chara sp. (muskwort) Elodea canadensis (common elodea) Iris pseudacorus (yellow flag) Juncus balticus (Baltic rush) Juncus sp. (rush) Ludwigia sp (water primrose) Mimulus guttatus (yellow monkey-flower) Nitella sp. (stonewort) Potamogeton amplifolius (large-leaf pondweed) Potamogeton epihydrus (ribbonleaf pondweed) Potamogeton foliosus (leafy pondweed) Potamogeton pusillus (slender pondweed) Potamogeton sp (thin leaved) (thin leaved pondweed) Potentilla palustris (purple (marsh) cinquefoil) Sparganium angustifolium (narrowleaf bur-reed) Typha latifolia (common cat-tail) Typha sp. (cat-tail)

Data collected and provided by Washington Department of Ecology's Lake Monitoring Program (Maggie Bell-McKinnon, phone 360-407-6124).

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