Lake Nahwatzel is located 11 miles west of Shelton. It has two unconfirmed inlets, and drains via Outlet Creek to the East Fork of the Satsop River. The outlet seeps through a swampy area.

Size (acres)                         269
Maximum Depth (feet)                  25
Mean Depth (feet)                     17
Lake Volume (acre-feet)             4573
Drainage Area (square miles)        6.20
Altitude (feet)                      440
Shoreline Length (miles)             2.9

Contour Map

Source of morphometric data: Water Supply Bulletins 42, 43, and 57.

VOLUNTEER-COLLECTED SECCHI DATA ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date Temperature Water %Cloud Recent Secchi Lake (Y/M/D) (C) (F) pH Color Cover Rain Wind (ft) Ht(in) Abbrev. Comments ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STATION 1 97/06/22 17.8 64.0 Lt Green 100 Heavy Light 15.0 0.0 AIR TEMP 52 DEGREES F. 97/07/03 21.1 70.0 Lt Green 0 None Calm 17.5 -5.0 97/07/18 23.3 73.9 Lt Green 0 None Calm 18.0 -5.5 97/08/02 23.3 73.9 Lt Green 0 None Light 18.0 -4.5 LOONS ON LAKE LAST WEEK. ALSO OSPREY AND BALD EAGLE. 97/08/25 23.3 73.9 Lt Green 100 Heavy Calm 20.0 -8.0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
LABORATORY RESULTS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Total Fecal Col. Bacteria Turb- Suspended Solids Phosphorus Nitrogen Chlorophyll (colonies/100 mL) idity Total Non-Volatile Color Date Strata (ug/L) (mg/L) (ug/L) Site 1 Site 2 (NTU) (mg/L) (mg/L) (Pt-Co) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STATION 1 97/08/25 E 5 0.12 2.0 STATION 1 97/06/16 E 6 0.03J ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ E=epilimnion composite, H=hypolimnion composite. Remarks codes: U = Below detection limits; J = Estimate.
SUMMARY OF VOLUNTEER SURVEY There was no survey response for 1997. FIELD OBSERVATIONS OF ECOLOGY STAFF 6-16-97 Extremely rainy and dark but extrordinary Secchi reading under the conditions. 8-25-97 Newts abundant. 2 osprey observed flying in the area. The water is very clear and calm.
TROPHIC STATUS Estimated Trophic State: Oligotrophic Mean Trophic State Index (Secchi): 36 (Oligotrophic) Mean Trophic State Index (Total Phosphorus): 27 (Oligotrophic) Mean Trophic State Index (Chlorophyll a): 37 (Oligotrophic)
SUMMARY AND EXPLANATION OF TROPHIC STATE ASSESSMENT All indicators support the oligotrophic assessment.
COMMENTS FROM 97/06/26 AQUATIC PLANT SURVEY cloudy, rain - sun patches, breeze. Lots of sediment / algae on bottom Lobelia along east and west ends. Mostly gravel bottom, sandy at inlet, much covered in algae / detritus film. Water level seems high. Much of shoreline developed, tho many areas with emergent plants.
AQUATIC PLANT LIST (This list may be from multiple years and sources.)Carex sp. (sedge) Dulichium arundinaceum (Dulichium) Elodea canadensis (common elodea) Iris pseudacorus (yellow flag) Iris sp. (Iris) Isoetes sp. (quillwort) Juncus balticus (Baltic rush) Juncus sp. or Eleocharis sp. (small grass-like plants) Lobelia dortmanna (water gladiole; water lobelia) Lobelia sp. Ludwigia palustris (water-purslane) Lysimachia nummularia (creeping loosestrife) Myosotis scorpioides (common forget-me-not) Nitella sp. (stonewort) Nymphaea odorata (fragrant waterlily) Potamogeton epihydrus (ribbonleaf pondweed) Potamogeton pusillus (slender pondweed) Scirpus sp. (bulrush) Typha latifolia (common cat-tail)

Data collected and provided by Washington Department of Ecology's Lake Monitoring Program (Maggie Bell-McKinnon, phone 360- 407-6124).

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