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Marine Water Quality Monitoring

Marine Waters Data Quality Codes

Table 1. This table indicates data quality values.  This will be the first element of our 3 element QC codes applied to data.
Data Quality Values
Value Definition Description
0      NONE Quality not yet determined
1    FAIL Data fails QC - unacceptable
2    PASS Data passes QC - acceptable
Table 2. This table indicates the reason behind data quality values.  This will be the second element of our 3 element QC code applied to data.
Data Quality Flags
Value Definition Description
0 No Specification No specific reason given for PASS or FAIL
1 Sensor/Equipment Performance Inconsistent Instrument Performance
2 Procedure Modification Data Collection Method Modified from Standard Procedures
3 Method Limitation Method Limitation
4 Outlier Discontinuous or Unexpected Single Result
5 Data Behavior Unexpected or Unlikely Continuous Data Pattern
6 Out of Range Data exceeds engineering range specified for instrument, valid range for datatype, range based on climatology or range that calculation should allow
JB blank contamination Analyte found in blank
JE exceedance of calibration reported result is an estimate because it exceeds the calibration range
JH holding time exceedance Analyzed past recommended holding time; recommended holding conditions not met
J estimate The analyte was positively identified; the associated numerical value is the approximate concentration of the analyte in the sample
JM method modification Analysis or data collection method modified from routine practices
NAF not analyzed for not analyzed for
NC not calculated not calculated
R rejected The sample results are rejected due to serious deficiencies in the ability to analyze the sample and meet quality control criteria. The presence or absence of the analyte cannot be verified
U Undetected The analyte was not detected at or above the reported sample quantitation limit
UJ Undetected, but limits insufficient to generate accurate results The analyte was not detected at or above the reported sample quantification limit. However, the reported quantification limit is approximate and may or may not represent the actual limit of the of quantification necessary to accurately measure the analyte in the sample.
Table 3.  This table represents the level of processing and quality control to which the data has been subjected.  This will be the third element of our 3 element QC code applied to data.
Data Quality Assessment
Value Definition Description
0 NONE  No quality control done
1 PRELIMINARY  Automated processing done and initial value generated.
2 REVIEWED Manually reviewed; data flags applied.
3 FINAL Review Final