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Marine Water Quality Monitoring

Estuaries like the Puget Sound have naturally large differences in water quality. We monitor marine water in Puget Sound, Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay using seaplanes, ferries, and moored instruments.

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Marine Conditions at a Glance:

Water Surface image here

Conditions at the Water Surface for the Last Month:

Update 4/6/16

As of April, jellyfish in very high numbers in Southern and Sinclair Inlets. Spring phytoplankton bloom across South and Central Sound. Fish aggregations and spawning around Vashon Island. (Read more)

Water Surface image here

Conditions in the Water Column for the Last Month:

Update 4/6/16

As of February salinity is notably lower than normal. Temperatures are still high in Puget Sound. Record warm water from last year persists much longer in Hood Canal. (Read more)

Tidal Effects image here

Water Masses for the Last Month at Selected Locations:

Update 4/6/16

Starting on March 25, a phytoplankton spring bloom is quickly increasing in size across Central Sound. (Read more)

Weather image here

Natural Influences for the Last Month:

Update 4/6/16

As of February air temperatures remain above normal and El Niņo conditions prevail. River flows are up in response to strong rain events. (Read more)


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