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Marine Water Quality Monitoring

Estuaries like the Puget Sound have naturally large differences in water quality. We monitor marine water in Puget Sound, Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay using seaplanes, ferries and moored instruments.

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Marine Conditions at a Glance:

Water Surface image here

Conditions at the Water Surface for the Last Month:

Update 3/24/14

Visible blooms confined to bays, otherwise low blooming activity. Debris lines in Hood Canal and Quartermaster Harbor. Oil sheens in Gig Harbor and Carr Inlet. High numbers of Jellyfish only in East Sound. Landsat captures mudslide. Turbid water in Whidbey Basin leads to strong fronts and gradients. (Read more)

Water Surface image here

Conditions in the Water Column for the Last Month:

Update 3/24/14

Colder, saltier conditions are developing, particularly in the northern regions. Oxygen has stabilized around expected ranges. The recent fall in temperatures has affected Central Sound and Hood Canal. Starting this year, South Sound is showing high salinities. (Read more)

Tidal Effects image here

Conditions at Tidally Influenced Locations for the Last Month:

Update 2/6/14

Note: Due to state and federal budget reductions, our mooring program is being downscaled. (Read more)

Weather image here

Weather and Coastal Conditions for the Last Month:

Update 3/24/14

Daily air temperatures have been below average for the past days, yet are increasing as expected along with sunlight. River flows are above normal (Read more)


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