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Marine Water Quality Monitoring

Estuaries like the Puget Sound have naturally large differences in water quality. We monitor marine water in Puget Sound, Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay using seaplanes, ferries, and moored instruments.

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Marine Conditions at a Glance:

Water Surface image here

Conditions at the Water Surface for the Last Month:

Update 7/20/16

Jellyfish smacks in Eld and Budd Inlets. Blooms in Budd, Eld, Totten and Carr Inlets. Macro-algae on beaches in Carr Inlet and Vashon Island and adrift in Central Sound. Abundant organic debris between Port Orchard and Agate Passage (Read more)

Water Surface image here

Conditions in the Water Column for the Last Month:

Update 7/20/16

June: salinity is still lower than normal, and record-breaking water temperatures continue; but luckily, dissolved oxygen is at expected levels. At the coast lower oxygen, higher salinities and a higher-than-normal upwelling index suggest the influence of upwelling. (Read more)

Tidal Effects image here

Water Masses for the Last Month at Selected Locations:

Update 7/20/16

Surface temperature >15 deg C. Algae continue to be abundant. On July 4th blooms extended into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Windy conditions on July 9-11 temporary reduced algae biomass. (Read more)

Weather image here

Natural Influences for the Last Month:

Update 7/20/16

In June, air temperatures and sunlight are above normal. Precipitation is near-normal, but some rivers in the north are still lower than normal. (Read more)


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