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Marine Water Quality Monitoring

Estuaries like the Puget Sound have naturally large differences in water quality. We monitor marine water in Puget Sound, Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay using seaplanes, ferries and moored instruments.

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Marine Conditions at a Glance:

Water Surface image here

Conditions at the Water Surface for the Last Month:

Update 11/17/14

Abundant patches of jellyfish seen in finger inlets of South Sound. Red-brown blooms remain strong in smaller bays of South Sound coinciding with jellyfish. Suspended sediment increasingly visible as a result of increased rain, wind and waves. Increased turbidity seen throughout the Strait of Georgia. (Read more)

Water Surface image here

Conditions in the Water Column for the Last Month:

Update 11/17/14

Puget Sound is a lot warmer at the end of 2014 with new max temps observed throughout the Sound! Salinity and dissolved oxygen are mostly expected. The higher DO and cold temperature anomaly in Hood Canal is disappearing. (Read more)

Tidal Effects image here

Water Masses for the Last Month at Selected Locations:

Update 11/17/14

Water temperature is cooling and this accompanies reduced river flows of the past week. (Read more)

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Natural Influences for the Last Month:

Update 11/17/14

A recent cold spell affects the Puget Sound lowlands, softening an 8-month trend of warmer temperatures. The ocean remains warm. (Read more)


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