The Marine Water Condition Index reports changing conditions in eutrophication, oxygen and physical properties relative to a baseline.

The index  retains access into the underlying data structure for scientists.

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  • The baseline is unique for each station and statistically informed using Ecology’s monthly long-term marine monitoring stations from 1999 to 2008.


  • You can explore trends and variability of individual variables and variable complexes (modules) in context of oceanic climate pattern. Select your level of detail and explore trends by region or stations. 

  • The MWCI ranges between -50 to +50, with "0" indicating no change. Negative changes (score < 0) and positive change (score > 0) are based relative to the baseline.

  Marine Water Quality Standards:

  • The MWCI intentionally does not include marine water quality standards so it can detect small but significant environmental changes. To read about marine quality standards go to Ecology's Water Quality Program.