Washington's marine water quality is influenced by large-scale patterns of climate and ocean variability. Weather and oceanic information are generated from external data sources to place our monthly observation into a climatic and larger-scale oceanic context.

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 Reporting year:

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  • Weather data are synthesized to highlight anomalies (differences from expected conditions for the time of year). Source:    http://www-k12.atmos.washington.edu/k12/grayskies/nw_weather.html


  • Anomalies in Sea surface temperature of Washington coast are taken from an index, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index. Data can be accessed at:  http://jisao.washington.edu/pdo/PDO.latest

  • The intensity and variability of upwelling along Washington's coast can be asses an index, the Upwelling Index. Data can be accessed at:   ftp://orpheus.pfeg.noaa.gov/outgoing/upwell/monthly/upanoms.mon

  Anomaly plots:

  • Anomaly plots are generated  by subtracting expected from observed conditions. Colors denote if conditions are above or below expected conditions.