Budd Inlet Marine Sediments Data Summaries, Findings, Publications

Budd Inlet

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Year Sampled Station Locations Physical Chemical Toxicity Benthic Invertebrates Sediment Quality Triad
2011 X X X X X X


The Budd Inlet Sediment Quality Triad Index (PDF) offers a one-page summary of these findings.

Puget Sound Marine Sediment Indicators is a webpage that describes the Sediment Quality Triad Index, a method to rate the health of marine sediments.


Recent Findings

In June of 2011 the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) sampled 30 sites to evaluate sediment quality in Budd Inlet with the sediment quality triad of chemistry, toxicity, and benthic (sediment-dwelling) invertebrate community structure. Results include:

  • No chemical concentrations exceeded the Washington State Sediment Quality Standards.
  • Low and moderate toxicity were found throughout Budd Inlet.

Sediment Quality was evaluated with the Sediment Quality Triad Index, which categorizes sediment quality on a 5-level scale from unimpacted to clearly impacted.  The triad index combines information on measures of exposure (sediment contamination), response (toxicity), and biological effects (benthic in -vertebrates). Results showed:

  • More than half the area of Budd Inlet had possibly or likely impacted sediments.
  • No sediments were clearly impacted.
  • Sediment quality improved from inner to outer Budd Inlet.
  • Adversely affected benthos was the primary factor contributing to the possibly and likely impacted sediments.
  • Although sediment contaminant levels met Puget Sound Partnership targets, the combined Triad Index did not.