Environmental Assessment Program

Quality Assurance Coordinators for Ecology Programs

The Quality Assurance (QA) Coordinators ensure that agency and program QA policies are followed in their respective programs and offices. For most questions or concerns, contact Agency QA Officer, Bill Kammin. For program-specific questions, contact the QA Coordinators, listed below.

The people listed below coordinate Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Control measures for programs and offices within Ecology.

Quality Assurance Coordinators


Program - Manager QA Coordinator Location Phone Email
Air Quality
Stuart Clark
Sean Lundblad HQ (360) 407-6843 sean.lundblad@ecy.wa.gov
Environmental Assessment
Carol Smith
Brad Hopkins HQ (360) 407-6686 brad.hopkins@ecy.wa.gov
Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction
Darin Rice
Samuel Iwenofu SWRO (360) 407-6702 samuel.iwenofu@ecy.wa.gov
Manchester Environmental Laboratory
Joel Bird
Ginna Grepo-Grove Manchester (360) 871-8801 ginna.grepo-grove@ecy.wa.gov
Laboratory Accreditation
Alan Rue
Alan Rue Manchester (360) 871-8844 alan.rue@ecy.wa.gov
Nuclear Waste
Alex Smith
Jerry Yokel Richland (509) 736-3009 jerry.yokel@ecy.wa.gov
Shorelands and Environmental Assistance
Gordon White
Amy Yahnke HQ (360) 407-6527 amy.yahnke@ecy.wa.gov
Dale Jensen
Dale Davis HQ (360) 407-6972 dale.davis@ecy.wa.gov
Toxics Cleanup
Jim Pendowski
Fu-Shin Lee HQ (360) 407-6237 fu-shin.lee@ecy.wa.gov
Waste 2 Resources
Laurie Davies
Shingo Yamazaki HQ (360) 407-7563 shingo.yamazaki@ecy.wa.gov
Water Quality
Heather Bartlett
Randall Marshall HQ (360) 407-6445 randall.marshall@ecy.wa.gov
Water Resources
Tom Loranger
Tom Culhane HQ (360) 407-7679 tom.culhane@ecy.wa.gov

Last updated: September 2016

Agency Quality Assurance Officer:

Bill Kammin

Department of Ecology
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600