Examples of Quality Assurance Project Plans for the National Estuary Program

These examples of approved Quality Assurance Project Plans describe different types of projects in three categories:  projects that generate new environmental data, projects that analyze existing environmental data, and projects that model the environment. Note that some may not follow the current template (docx) format.

For projects that generate new environmental data

Henderson Inlet Fecal Coliform Total Maximum Daily Load Effectiveness Monitoring Ecology Publication No. 14-03-113

Monitoring Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Western Washington Water Bodies Ecology Publication No. 14-10-004

Nutrient Reduction Project: Murden Cove (PDF 1.9MB)

Outfall Assessment and the Effects on Critical Nearshore Habitats (PDF 1.2MB)

Puget Sound Total Alkalinity and Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Ecology Publication No. 14-03-116

Protecting the Strait of Juan de Fuca Nearshore - Nearshore Metrics of Benthic Invertebrate Communities and Fish Use (PDF 800K)

Clallam County Bluff Erosion Assessment using LIDAR (PDF 835K)

Toxic Contaminant Monitoring in Mussels Phase I (PDF 5.3MB)

For projects that analyze existing environmental data

Assessment of Regional Project Effectiveness in Puget Sound (PDF 1.2MB)

Channel Migration Assessments of Puget Sound SMA Streams Ecology Publication No. 12-06-006

Feeder Bluff Mapping of Puget Sound (PDF 6.6MB)

Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit Data Review Ecology Publication No. 12-03-125

Puget Sound High Resolution Change Detection Analysis (PDF 728K)

For projects that model elements of the environment

City of Kirkland: Totem Lake/Juanita Creek Basin Stormwater Retrofit Conceptual Design (PDF 3MB)

French Creek and Pilchuck River Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH Total Maximum Daily Load Ecology Publication No. 10-03-114

Hydrologic Modeling to Support Watershed-based Land Use Planning (PDF 740K)

Shade and Temperature Modeling Middle Green River (PDF 1.2MB)