freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

Watershed Health Monitoring

Ecology's Watershed Health Monitoring (WHM) project collects data on river and stream health by region and has done so since 2009. This project was recently also known as the Status and Trends Monitoring for Watershed Health and Salmon Recovery project or WHSR. Approximately 50 sites are sampled per region in each round of sampling.

Sampling Schedules for Watershed Health Monitoring explains the monitoring-sites rotation, sample design, and contains the latest Candidate Site List.

Previous River and Stream Monitoring for Watershed Health explains where Ecology staff are working during the monitoring season.

The WHM project also offers services to the public for objectively assessing watershed health. These include standard protocols for monitoring rivers and streams, training on these protocols, the Washington Master Sample site set, and the WHMWeb database for managing stream habitat data.

How-to Information for Stream Monitors offers technical information for those who perform water quality monitoring in Washington state, including sampling protocols, RFQQs, and contracts.

Watershed Health Monitoring Reports and Partnerships links to WHM reports and monitoring projects by other groups.


Watershed Health Data

Evaluating Physical Habitat and Water Chemistry Data from Statewide Stream Monitoring Programs to Establish Least-Impacted Conditions in WA State

Status of Puget Sound Tributaries 2009 - Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Habitat

Stream surveys in the Upper Columbia River region during 2017 - two-page focus sheet