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freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

How-to Information for Stream Monitors

Here is guidance for consistent sampling across Washington state.

The Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan explains the general design of the Watershed Health Monitoring project.

Protocol for Wadeable Streams (PDF) serves as an instruction manual for field crews.  It was last updated on May 20, 2009.  An update will be issued soon.

Protocol for Wide Streams and Rivers (PDF) is an instruction manual for field crews that sample large streams and rivers.  It was last updated on January 27, 2010.  Expect an update soon.

Dictionary of Metrics for Physical Habitat: Definitions and Calculations Used for Watershed Health Monitoring and Related Studies  is an Ecology publication that defines physical habitat metrics reporting from Watershed Health Monitoring Web and describes their calculations.

Washington Master Sample is a statistically selected list of sites that can be used for conducting unbiased surveys at various scales, such as statewide, by Status and Trends Regions, or by watershed.

Minimizing the spread of invasive species provides information to help people who work in the field to prevent transportation of fish, wildlife, plants, or bacteria from one location to another.

Sampling Schedules for Watershed Health Monitoring explains the regional rotation of monitoring and the sample design.


Watershed Health Data