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freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

Sampling Schedules for Watershed Health Monitoring

Monitoring rotates through eight Status and Trends Regions (STRs) for each sampling round. Crews attempt to sample 50 sites in each STR per round. Also, Ecology samples 16 sentinel sites each year to detect trends. There are two of these per region.

Status and Trends Monitoring Regions Round 1 Round 2
Puget Sound 2009 2013
Coastal 2010 2014
Lower Columbia River 2010 2014
Mid Columbia 2011 2015
Snake River 2011 2016
Upper Columbia
2012 2017
Northeastern Washington
2012 2018
Unlisted Washington 2010* 2019

* Nineteen random sites were sampled here in 2010.

Stream surveys in the Upper Columbia River region during 2017 is a two-page focus sheet describing this year's sampling project.

Candidate Sampling Sites

The Washington Master Sample is a statistically selected list of sites that can be used for conducting unbiased surveys at various scales, such as statewide, Status and Trends Regions, or by watershed.  Each year, Ecology evaluates the Master Sample within the next scheduled Status and Trends Region. Using maps, Ecology evaluates each site on the list and rejects sites that do not fit sample-design criteria as described in the protocols. The remaining sites provide a set of candidate sites for further reconnaissance to be conducted by sampling crews.

Sites are only accessed with permission of the land owners.

Map of Candidate Sites for 2017

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