Groundwater Assessment

Stormwater Monitoring

Environmental Assessment Program scientists test stormwater for toxic chemicals and help to evaluate new stormwater technologies. 

Stormwater inspector tests for pH

Stormwater Monitoring for Toxics includes studies on polluted runoff and its contribution to water quality.

Stormwater Monitoring Procedures

The Stormwater Monitoring Standard Operating Procedures documents methods for collecting stormwater and sediment samples.

Monitoring for Stormwater Permittees

Stormwater Permits is a page from Ecology’s Water Quality program about applying for and complying with stormwater permits.


Municipal Stormwater Monitoring describes the monitoring program for Phase I Municipal Stormwater permittees.

WSDOT Draft Municipal Stormwater General Permit - Stormwater Monitoring Program is a published focus sheet about monitoring for the state Department of Transportation's Municipal Permit.

The Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program is a resource for Municipal Stormwater permittees.

Effectiveness Monitoring of Stormwater Management Program Activities is a project of the Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program.


Construction Stormwater General Permit Sampling Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 81K) answers questions about sampling for those under this permit.

How to do Stormwater Monitoring: A guide for construction sites is an Ecology publication on site inspections and stormwater sampling requirements.

How to Meet Ecology's Construction Stormwater General Permit Requirements: A Guide for Construction Sites is an Ecology publication.

Sampling for Construction Stormwater Permittees is a video that demonstrates appropriate sampling methods for construction permittees.


General Sampling Requirements is a section in a Frequently Asked Questions document about the Industrial Stormwater General Permit.

Focus on Permit Compliance: Monitoring and Reporting in Compliance with the Industrial Stormwater General Permit is an Ecology focus sheet.

Industrial Stormwater General Permit Discharge/Sample Point Update is an Ecology publication on adding or changing sampling locations for industrial permittees.

Sand and Gravel

Permit Limits and Monitoring is for the Sand and Gravel General Permit.

Monitoring and the Monitoring Plan for the Sand and Gravel General Stormwater Permit.

Related information

Stormwater Publications is an index at Ecology.



Report: Western WA NPDES Phase 1 Stormwater Permit, Final S8.D Data Characterization, 2009-2013

Construction Stormwater Sampling Video

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