freshwater monitoring

Freshwater Monitoring

Temperature monitoring in rivers and streams

Long-term and real-time temperature monitoring

Flow Monitoring Network is a map-based application that reports several parameters nearly in real time.

River and Stream Water Quality - Temperature Monitoring is another map-based application. These stations report data from temperature loggers from June or July through September.

Thermal infrared and video river surveys

In 2003 - 2004, the Department of Ecology, in cooperation with Watershed Sciences, flew small planes with photography equipment and infrared sensors above several rivers in Washington State.

Currently, the images are available from the Deschutes River in either the upstream or downstream direction starting at any river mile (RM) location. The user may switch between images in [color], [thermal IR], or display [both] images side-by-side at any location along the river through the link below. Data and images of other river systems will be publicly available in the near future.

Deschutes River Temperature Monitoring

Deschutes River at E Street Bridge