Stormwater Monitoring for Toxics

Stormwater is an increasingly important issue within Washington State. The Department of Ecology maintains a Stormwater page that contains general information and links about stormwater, including permitting, in Washington.

Scientists in the Toxic Studies Unit perform studies on toxics in stormwater. The published studies listed below are conducted for other government agencies and for offices within the Department of Ecology. Some of this stormwater research has been used to inform stormwater permitting, to contribute to new technologies for monitoring stormwater, and to evaluate stormwater impacts to waterbodies statewide.

Stormwater TMDL Studies

Quality Assurance Project Plan: Squalicum Creek Watershed Stormwater Pilot Total Maximum Daily Load describes the design of a current study on Squalicum Creek in Whatcom County.

Copper and Zinc Levels in Des Moines, Massey, and McSorley Creeks, King County was a 2012 study to assess the status of 303(d) water quality limited listings for copper and zinc. Recommendations included removing the study streams from the 303(d) list for copper and zinc and that future evaluations of streams should include storm sampling.

Pullman Stormwater Pilot Study for Pesticides, PCBs, and Fecal Coliform Bacteria, 2005-2006 was an early study on toxics in stormwater to determine concentrations of 303(d) listed pollutants in municipal stormwater samples.

Yakima River Pesticides and PCBs Total Maximum Daily Load: Volume 1. Water Quality Study Findings included analysis of stormwater for pesticides, PCBs, TSS, turbidity, and conductivity.

Evaluation of Stormwater Monitoring Technology

Evaluation of Stormwater Suspended Particulate Matter Samplers is a report on collection methods for sediment traps.

Quality Assurance Project Plan: Performance Evaluation of Devices for Stormwater Particulate Sampling describes the design of the above study.

Spokane River Stormwater Toxics Studies

PBDE and Dioxin/Furans in Spokane Stormwater reported on a 2007 study that represented the first known tests for polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and dioxin/furans in stormwater or storm-drain sediment.

Spokane River PCB TMDL Stormwater Loading Analysis: Final Technical Report was prepared for Ecology by consultants Parsons and Terragraphics, Inc. and developed loading estimates for Polycyclic Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in the Spokane River

Spokane River PCB Source Assessment, 2003-2007 determined that stormwater was a major contributor to PCB loading in the Spokane River.

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