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San Juan - WRIA 02

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In October 2004, the San Juan County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the San Juan Water Resource Management Plan and started Phase 4 work. As such, this became the fourth watershed plan in the state to be adopted. The plan contains numerous water management recommendations, including: establishment of a county water resource review board, recommendations on exempt well usage, conducting long-term surface and ground water monitoring, among others.

They completed their detailed implementation plan in January 2006. Key plan recommendations include ongoing ground water monitoring and analysis, developing an expedited permitting process for rainwater collection systems, and developing an MOU with Ecology on water management issues.

Instream flow status

The planning group conducted an instream flow assessment, established a stream gaging network, and collected data on seven streams of interest in the islands. The planning group concluded that most streams in the San Juan Islands primarily provide food sources and/or shelter locations for fish rather than spawning activity. The planning group did not pursue further work on instream flows.

Ecology does not plan to conduct further studies or set instream flows at this time. We will continue to assess impacts of proposed surface and ground water withdrawals on fish resources as part of water rights permit processing. Ecology is currently completing a hydrological study of the Cascade Creek basin (Orcas Island). We will use the results of that study when processing new water rights applications for this area.

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San Juan Islands

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WRIA 02 Status

  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.
  • Optional elements: water quality, habitat, instream flows.