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To address comprehensive water resource planning and management, the WRAC was created in 1999 by the Board of Island County Commissioners. Comprised of 12 voting members from the three Commissioner districts, the WRAC represents a broad spectrum of interests and geographic areas. Three citizen committees were sunsetted to create the WRAC:
  • The Groundwater Advisory Committee.
  • The Storm Water Advisory Committee.
  • North Whidbey Watershed Management Advisory Committee.

Island County recognized the overlap of many of the issues each group was addressing and the need to approach water resource protection on a comprehensive basis.

The Island County Water Resource Management Plan was adopted by the Board of Island County Commissioners on June 20, 2005.  Soon after adopting the Plan, the Board of Island County Commissioners adopted the WRAC’s recommended revised ordinances and policies on critical aquifer recharge areas and seawater intrusion.

In August 2005, Island County applied for Phase 4 funding and began implementation. The planning group completed their detailed implementation plan in December 2006.

Key Plan actions include:

  • Monitoring and protection for seawater intrusion in vulnerable areas.
  • Water system coordination, local review, and "preprocessing" assistance to Ecology on new water right applications.
  • Protecting aquifer recharge areas by promoting low-impact development land use practices.

The planning group is also working with local water and wastewater utilities to evaluate water reuse opportunities in Island County.

Instream flow status

WRIA 06 does not have instream flows set, and the planning group did not recommend adoption of instream flows. Ecology has not scheduled any instream flow activities in this watershed.

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WRIA 06 Status

  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.
  • Optional elements:  none.