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Skokomish-Dosewallips/South Shore Lower Hood Canal - WRIA 16/14b

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Grant funds expended and/or projected through June 2015



The planning group approved the watershed plan in May 2006.  The Mason and Jefferson Boards of County Commissioners adopted the plan unanimously in July 2006.  The plan included 82 recommendations including 14 for all of Hood Canal.  The planning group received a Phase 4 Implementation grant in July 2007, and completed their detailed implementation plan in June 2008.  They are worked closely with the Puget Sound Partnership to develop the Partnership’s Action Agenda for the Hood Canal Action Area.


The 2008 Legislature passed a bill (SB 6204) that split WRIA 14 into two separate areas for watershed planning purposes. WRIA 14(b) contains the portion of Kennedy – Goldsborough that drains into the southern portion of lower Hood Canal.  The legislation directs that the WRIA 16 Planning group include WRIA 14(b) as a part of their planning and implementation efforts.  The bill took effect June 12, 2008.

Instream flow status

The approved plan did not include instream flow recommendations.

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Skokomish River Delta at Hood Canal




Plan Website - Mason County

WRIA 16/14b Status

  • Optional elements: water quality, habitat, instream flows.
  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.