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Jefferson County adopted the Quilcene-Snow Creek Watershed Management Plan in January 2005.  The planning group finished their detailed implementation plan in October 2007.  Ecology continued to work with local stakeholders and adopted the Quilcene-Snow water management/instream flow rule in November 2009.

As well as supporting additional work on instream flow setting, the plan’s key recommendations include ongoing surface and groundwater monitoring, and supporting water acquisition and conservation programs.

Instream flow status

A rule for the Quilcene-Snow watershed was adopted in November 2009 and became effective December 31, 2009.  Although the approved plan did not include instream flow recommendations, the planning group, Ecology, and Department of Fish and Wildlife agreed on flow numbers for most major creeks and streams.  The new rule sets instream flows on 13 streams in 11 subbasins.

The rule also includes measures to manage new withdrawals of groundwater.

The current water management rule does not include the small group of streams located in the Clallam County portion of WRIA 17. Further outreach and development of management strategies is needed before a rule can be adopted for this area. The timing for completing this work is not set.


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WRIA 17 Status

  • Optional elements: water quality, habitat, instream flows.
  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.

East Jefferson Watershed Council - formally the WRIA 17 Planning Unit