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The Lyre-Hoko planning group approved instream flow recommendations in November 2005 by a majority vote.  The recommendations were included in the near-final watershed plan circulated for public comment in 2009, following an earlier public review of the watershed plan which had been prepared in 2005.

It became apparent that hydrographic data and alternatives for late-season water supplies needed additional work to reach consensus.  Local and state planners continued to support the planning group’s work on a final draft into 2010.

Disagreement among stakeholders and governments became a barrier to consensus, as did the reversal by one initiating government from its prior support for the recommended instream flow levels.  Given the lack of agreement among initiating governments, the draft plan could not be approved by the planning unit or forwarded to the Board of Clallam County Commissioners for review and adoption.

Instream flow status

The Planning Unit’s agreed-to instream flow numbers remain a substantial accomplishment and will be useful to Ecology in rulemaking.

At such time as Ecology has sufficient staff resources for rulemaking in the Lyre Hoko (WRIA 19), the flow recommendations will be reviewed and hydrographs revised to incorporate new data.  Low-flow season water supplies and fisheries concerns will be considered during that process.  Rulemaking will require consultation with affected Tribes, certain state agencies, local governments, stakeholders and interested citizens.

Rulemaking generally requires a minimum of nine months, with controversial water management and instream flow rules often taking more time.  The Lyre Hoko is currently not among Ecology’s highest statewide priorities for rule writing.

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WRIA 19 Status

  • Optional elements: water quality, instream flows, habitat.
  • Currently in Phase 3: Planning.