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Grays-Elochoman & Cowlitz (WRIA 25/26)

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Grant funds expended and/or projected through June 2015



Wahkiakum, Lewis, Cowlitz, and Skamania counties unanimously adopted the Watershed Plan in July 2006. Plan adoption came after a county remand process and changes to the plan by the planning group.

Work under Phase 4 is well underway, as the planning unit implements the action items identified in their Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP).  The DIP was approved in June 2008.

Ecology awarded Lewis County an Operating grant for a feasibility study on a potential regional water supply from the lower main stem Cowlitz River, which may serve the Vader-Toledo-Winlock area.  This project is moving forward, although with reduced funding.  The planning group was also awarded a $50K grant for further development of an innovative mitigation strategy for new water rights, which they are undertaking in conjunction with the Lewis/Salmon-Washougal planning group.

Additional information about the Grays-Elochoman and Cowlitz watershed plan can be found on the plan website:  Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board, Watershed Management Plans

Rulemaking on hold for Grays-Elochoman, Cowlitz water rules

Rulemaking efforts towards water management rules for Water Resources Inventory Areas (WRIAs) 25 and 26 in southwest Washington were stopped in mid-2010.  This was due primarily to two factors:
  • Public concerns on the level of local participation, supply for rural water users in the Cowlitz watershed (WRIA 26) and groundwater well metering.
  • Gov. Gregoire's Executive Orders 10-06 and 11-03, suspending non-critical rule development and adoption in 2011 and 2012.

Ecology and Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife staff continue to work with the WRIA 25 and 26 planning units as they revise plan recommendations regarding closing certain streams to new uses and other water management issues.  For more information see:


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Plan Website - Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board, Watershed Management Plans

WRIA 25 and 26 Status

  • Optional elements: Water quality, instream flows, habitat.
  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.