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Grant funds expended and/or projected through June 2015


STATUS (November 2011) – The Middle Snake Watershed Planning Group is not currently operating with grant funding under Chapter 90.82 RCW.  Planning unit representatives have submitted requests for funding to continue watershed planning efforts, and have formally requested that Ecology initiate instream flow rule-making for the Middle Snake.  Ecology is providing funding for local participation in an ongoing stream gaging program.


The Middle Snake watershed planning group approved their detailed implementation plan September 2008.  The detailed implementation plan emphasizes actions that:

  • Coordinate with fish habitat improvement strategies in the Snake River Salmon Recovery Plan.
  • Call for groundwater investigations.
  • Improve water quality and water conservation.
  • Seek legislative changes to revise relinquishment and riparian stockwater law.

The planning group also completed the first phase of hydrogeology work to estimate impacts of future groundwater withdrawals in the growth-prone Asotin and Alpowa creek basins.

Several projects were implemented in their first year of Phase 4, including:

  • An irrigation efficiency project.
  • A streambed assessment on the Tucannon River.
  • Instream habitat assessments on eight of the larger streams in the basin.

A detailed implementation plan was completed in June 2011 with revised priorities and timelines which reflect the work completed in the basin since the original detailed implementation plan was written in 2008.

Instream flow status

The planning group completed stream flow recommendations and included them in their watershed plan for the Tucannon River and Asotin Creek. The group is currently gathering flow and habitat data on several other streams in the watershed. They expect Ecology and the Department of Fish and Wildlife to collaborate in completing a final watershed-wide stream management recommendation for rule-making next year.

Planning Documents

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  • WRIA 35 - Ecology Watershed Information

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Plan Website - Asotin County Public Utility District (PUD), Middle Snake WRIA 35 Planning

WRIA 35 Status

  • Optional elements: water quality, habitat, instream flows.
  • Watershed planning phases 1-3 complete.
  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.