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Grant funds expended and/or projected through June 2015


CURRENT STATUS (November 2011) - The Upper Crab/Wilson Watershed Planning Group, known as the Water Resource Management Group (WRMG) is not currently operating with grant funding under Chapter 90.82 RCW.  From July 2009 through June 2011 the group used watershed planning administrative support grant funds to continue to meet.  The primary focus of the group was to develop a water quality management plan addressing livestock and water quality issues.  The group developed and adopted three working documents, which were not submitted to Ecology for review and approval.  No further actions have been taken to address water quality.  In early 2011, the WRMG began discussions regarding water quality and cropland management.  The WRMG intends to continue meeting.


The WRIA 43 plan was approved by the planning group in December 2006, and adopted by Lincoln, Grant, and Adams county commissioners at a joint session held March 5, 2007.  The group received Phase 4 Implementation funding in early 2008.

Instream flow status

An instream flow study was completed. However, because of disagreements about the proposed flow numbers, the watershed plan did not include numerical instream flow recommendations.

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  • WRIA 43 - Ecology Watershed Information

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WRIA 43 Status

  • Optional elements: water quality, habitat, instream flows.
  • Watershed planning phases 1-3 complete.
  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.