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Moses Coulee/Foster Creek - (WRIAs 44/50)

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The boards of commissioners from Douglas and Grant counties adopted the Moses Coulee/Foster Creek Watershed Management Plan in November 2004. The planning group began Phase 4 in February 2005 and completed their detailed implementation plan in February 2006. The group reached agreement on instream flow recommendations for two creeks, and is waiting for more information from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on three other creeks.

The detailed implementation plan has 63 specific recommendations. Key recommendations include:

  • Support a Trust Water Rights Program.
  • Continue the study of potential water storage projects.
  • Implement erosion and sediment control projects.
  • Continue monitoring surface and ground water quality.

The planning group has successfully completed six implementation projects and continues to work on other recommendations and projects.

Instream flow status

Flow recommendations from the WRIA 44/50 planning group were received with the final watershed plan in November 2004. The planning group will also be considering another three instream flows recommendations through 2009.

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Plan Website - Foster Creek Conservation District

Watershed Management Plan - Moses Coulee and Foster Creek WRIA 44&50

WRIA 44-50 Status

  • Optional elements: water quality, habitat, instream flows, storage.
  • Currently in Phase 4: Implementation.