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Grant funds expended and/or projected through June 2015



The Okanogan Conservation District, as the designated Lead Agency, submitted an application for Phase 1 funding  in August 2003 to begin watershed planning. A grant agreement was signed and awarded on December 29, 2003. Under this Phase 1 grant, the scope of work was to establish the needed structure, processes, and detailed scope of work to ensure that this watershed planning effort results in all parties acting in unison to manage the water and fishery resources of WRIA 49.

The planning group is working on Phase 2 Watershed Assessment and Phase 3 Plan Development at the same time. Their final watershed plan was due in April 2009; a draft plan was submitted to the Okanogan County Commissioners in June 2009.

Instream flow status

Instream flows were set on the main stem Okanogan River in 1976 (Chapter 173-549 WAC).

An instream flow study focusing on the ground water and surface water interchange in four main tributaries to the Okanogan River was nearly complete as of November 1, 2008.

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Plan Website - Okanogan Conservation District, Okanogan Watershed Plan

WRIA 49 Status

  • Optional elements: water quality, habitat, instream flows, storage.
  • Currently working on Phase 2: Watershed Assessment and Phase 3: Plan Development at the same time.