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Grant funds expended and/or projected through June 2015


STATUS (November 2011) - The Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed Planning Group has completed Phase 2 and intends to begin Phase 3 – Plan development.  The group is currently restructuring in an effort to develop a watershed plan.  To date the primary focus of the Phase 2 studies has been to develop a more comprehensive understanding of local aquifers.  The next step will be to provide water management and land use recommendations to county officials and other water resource managers.  With significantly reduced funding available, the watershed plan will likely be reduced in overall scope.


Ecology awarded a Phase 1 watershed planning grant to Lincoln County in December 2007.  As lead agency, Lincoln County organized the Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed Planning Group.  The planning group received funding for their Phase 2 Level 1 and level 2 assessments, the latter being completed in 2010.  A hydrogeologic study of groundwater elevations was completed in 2011.  The group is planning to develop an abbreviated watershed plan that will focus on aquifer management and land use.

Planning Documents

  • Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 53 Lower Lake Roosevelt - Lincoln County Planning page that includes links to:

    • Phase 2 – Level 2 Assessment, June 2010

    • Groundwater Inventory and Mapping Report, June 2010

    • Technical Memorandum – Preliminary Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA) Analysis – Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed, June 2010

    • Groundwater Level Gauging Project – Lower Lake Roosevelt Watershed (WRIA 53), Northern Lincoln County, Washington, June 2011

Links, publications, studies, data

  • WRIA 53 -Ecology Watershed Information

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